We trust in the One who holds the brush, the One who paints the future, the One who sees tomorrow. 


Working Together to Share the Gospel

We stand at a place in time where the world is looking for answers.  They're grasping for Truth, thirsting for Hope and it is in short supply around us.  Our vision for Coast Church is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We see the city of Ventura, CA filled with messengers of hope bringing healing to the nations.  Partner with us as we endeavor to do a whole bunch of good!  

Coast Church Believes in Social Justice. We Support:

Tupelo Children's Mansion, Compassion Services Intl., Waves for Water, Charity Water, Sheaves for Christ, Christmas for Christ, World Vision, EndIt.org, and many others we support individually.  


Ventura, CA to the World...Serving Together