PRVW Gathering #1

It was a dark and stormy really, it was dark and I got soaked when I ran out in the rain to put our banner up so everyone on Telegraph Rd. could see it.  We know how much we love our sunshine and how rain can really mess things up in Southern California.  But nonetheless, we had an incredible time at our first preview gathering.  

We wanted to do a few of these previews to introduce ourselves to the community, to get comfortable with the venue and to use the time in between to build up expectation for the next one.  Although we don't have a "church service" every week yet, we realize that "we are the church" and that the church doesn't exist just in a building, but it is made up of believers.  We meet weekly for Community Group and Bible Studies if you'd like to be a part of something more frequent.  

The gathering was a beautiful time with a refreshing presence of God felt by all.  The music was pretty awesome for our first time singing together and I felt that everyone related well with the message I brought (of course we're totally open to suggestions and what you think we can do better). Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with setup, music, prayer, etc.  If one life was touched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was worth it all.  

Next month we meet on February 21st at the same location and we're excited about another chapter in the Coast Church story.  What is God doing in your life?  Where is He leading you?  We hope Coast Church can be part of it.  

Blessings, Pastor Scott