How Can I Help?

Someone once said, "you never know when the smallest act will leave the greatest mark."  It is one small stone tossed in a pond that sends ripples throughout the whole body of water and one snowflake that creates an avalanche.  Do you have a skill, talent, passion, or simply some spare time once or twice a week that you'd like to volunteer?  Of course we would love all of you to keep us in your prayers as we endeavor to reach lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ventura, CA but it is truly a beautiful thing when people become the "hands and feet" of Jesus and get involved.  We are looking for people in the following areas to partner with the Coast Church Team in Ventura (and from afar): 

-Sunday Gathering Setup/Tear down (duties include setup of worship gathering, moving chairs/tables, stage and sound setup).  Every Sunday from 2:45-5:15pm and for special events.

-Coast Kids Team (duties involve serving in our Coast Kids gatherings, singing, games, lots of energy and lots of fun required).  Every Sunday from 4-5:15pm.

-Coast Church Creative Team (duties include social media, graphic design, updating website/blog, photo/video).  Sundays and also throughout the week. 

-Podcast/Video Team (duties include editing audio and video for podcast and YouTube channel).  Anyone serving in this realm does not have to be located in Ventura County or even Southern California.  

If you would like to join our team of volunteers and serve our surrounding community, we would love to talk to you more.  If you're currently attending a local church, please be sure to connect with your pastor first.  Take care and God bless you!