Skeptical? That's Okay, We Have Something to Share With You

I'm a big fan of "apologetics" or the art of relaying what we believe and why we believe to others.  There are a lot of people who would consider themselves skeptics when it comes to the Bible, God, Jesus, etc.  As a believer and someone who has done my due diligence to study both sides of the coin (belief and unbelief), I don't entirely blame the skeptics for their skepticism.  Many times Christians haven't done a very good job of explaining things.  Sometimes we have no explanation (but really, science does that too).  Various times we don't do a very good job of "being Christians" to those around us and it taints our accountability in the eyes of the skeptic.  

All of that being said, when you take steps in your journey of belief, or when you simply stretch your mind to find out "what this life is all about" you inevitably come to a place of examining this one thing: origins.  Where did it all start?  How did the universe get here?  Who is responsible for it?  Where did consciousness, emotion, feeling, etc. come from?  How did the earth wind up being the only inhabitable planet in the perfect distance from the sun?  On that journey, faith is sparked, blown out, challenged, buffered, built, torn down and bellowed again.  It's pretty awesome actually.  

I love this video that Eric Metaxas and Prager University put together rebutting some of the claims of new atheism and skepticism.  The truth be told, science is not really science until it is proven (and repeatably so), therefore we ought to deem faith/belief on a higher scale than simply the "ancient writings of man."  I hope this encourages someone, pushes the skeptic to think and most of all, draws the heart of a person closer to God.  Enjoy.  -Pastor Scott