Authentic Community...

One of the recurring conversations I seem to have is about the paradox of how we live in the most "connected" society in history yet we are more "disconnected" from one another than ever before.  So what?  (the amazingly common millennial statement).  What do we do about it?  Where do we go from here?  Is there hope beyond simply more disconnectedness?  

For centuries the "church" has served as a place of community.  A place where people feel "at home" even when they're away from home.  Why can't it be like that again?  We believe it can.  An authentic community is where people are real, pretense is laid aside and everyone is respected and loved (you know, kinda like how Jesus did it).  Is this simply a mythical entity somewhere that can't really exist in the modern world?  Absolutely not.  A true community of believers loves unconditionally, serves others emphatically and reaches beyond themselves with transparency.  

Coast Church is striving to be that community.  We don't judge based on your past, we simply stand with you to see an incredible future.  We don't expect you to understand the Bible from Genesis to Revelation the first day you hang out with us, we're a group that is always learning and hoping to become better Christians.  We want you to experience the feel of genuine, authentic community that is so rare these days.  

There are several ways to take advantage of this currently:                                                                   -Coast Community Groups, weekly meetings where we take a look at the Scripture in a fresh, relevant way.  We meet at homes and coffee shops, restaurants.  Midweek evenings 7:30ish.  Everyone is welcome.                                                                                                                                   -Preview Gatherings on Feb 21st and March 14th 6:00pm @4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA  We're meeting once a month for a time of music, community and a message.  Starting April 5th, Easter Sunday, we will be having weekly gatherings at the same location on Sundays at4:00pm.   -Beyond the Walls.  Unscripted, semi-planned, and completely the weather gets better, we're looking forward to hanging out at the beach to catch a sunset together, early morning prayer at Grant Park, hours of noodly-leg jumping at Sky High Sports, singing and visiting at care homes in our community, and much more.  The church was meant to be #BeyondtheWalls.  Keep an eye on our social media for updates.  

I'm praying for an incredible year for each of you, in Jesus name! -Pastor Scott