I can't believe it.  The day we love to celebrate, the day we waive high the banner of hope, the day that Jesus Christ overcame death, hell, and the's almost here.  The Coast Church family is excited about the opportunity to worship together in Ventura, CA and celebrate what Christ has done for our lives as a community of faith.  

God is truly doing something in Ventura.  We've seen lives touched, physical healing, baptisms, and a wonderful group of believers coming together for the common purpose of lifting high the name of Jesus.  Easter Sunday, or as I like to call it, Resurrection Sunday is a day where we reflect on the life-giving power of Jesus Christ and all that He did for us during the Passion Week.  

At Coast Church we preach the Gospel of the "death, burial, and resurrection" of Jesus Christ just as the apostles were commanded to.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is something that you can feel and experience in our day and age.  We believe you can be filled with the Holy Spirit just like they were on the day of Pentecost in the Book of Acts.  We are thankful for the Pentecostal experience and the faith that it brings to new believers who are searching for "more" than just a casual church experience.  

If you're new to faith, new to church and wondering where to start I would love to chat with you on the phone or via email.  The best place to start is to simply show up at 4300 Telegraph Rd. in Ventura (right across the street from Ventura College in the round building) and get to know us.  You'll be greeted with a smile and treated with respect in a judgement-free place of authentic community.  Our goal is that you will feel "faith, hope, and love" as you hear the music, listen to the words of the songs, meet some true Christian people, and are challenged by the Word of God as we open up the Scripture together.  This Easter, make a decision you will never regret!

-Pastor Scott

P.S.  We will be having an awesome Easter Egg hunt, a giveaway, and refreshments!  Also, if you're considering being baptized in Jesus' name, it would be the PERFECT day to do it.