SAN BERNARDINO - Making Sense When Tragedy Strikes

The senseless.  How do you make sense of it?  I believe that this very question is the answer that explains much of the talk you're hearing on social media, at the coffee shop, and the water cooler today.  We live as human beings who seek to compartmentalize everything and find answers to the most senseless and vile acts of humanity.  When we come up with an answer or try to "make sense" within the first few hours of a tragedy, we typically miss the mark. 

I watched within minutes (not hours) as desperate souls beat the air for answers, for "sense", today.  They blamed white militia, Islam, workplace violence, drug cartels, guns, and even the mentally disabled for the tragedy.  As soon as political candidates began to make statements it all hit the fan.  The NY Daily News let us know emphatically that, "GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS" and apparently rebuked several politicians for praying for the families of the victims (I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure this is a first).  ISIS isn't claiming responsibility but they're taking to the interwebs to glorify the fact that Americans have been killed.  Then, in the fray, the average and sensible American searches to make "sense" out of this tragedy.  Like a child in the middle of a domestic dispute, amidst the yelling/screaming/fighting we sit down and weep over the tragedy but even more so we weep over the lack of "sense" that is to be found in it all.  

The "sense" cannot be found.  I would imagine that we'll find a motive, we'll find some of the issues that led up to this act of evil but will that "make it all make sense?"  I doubt it.  What does make sense is that our world is in terrible shape and people are hurting.  What does make sense is that we have a heart problem in our nation.  What does make sense is that there are many who have never seen good or known it, so they turn to evil.

What does make sense is to "overcome evil with good."  What does make sense is to "love your neighbor."  What does make sense is to "be a peacemaker."  What does make sense is...wait...yes, what makes sense is that we may not have all the answers or be able to make sense of senseless acts, but the messages of truth that Jesus Christ spoke over 2000 years ago are still ringing true today!  

I re-read Jesus' Sermon on the Mount this evening as I processed and unpacked my emotions from a very tense, emotional day.  What unfolds in Matthew 5-7 is absolutely the most relevant answer for the world today.  IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE!  

What would it look like if this "Christian Nation" started acting like "Christians."  What would it look like if we started following this Sermon on the Mount that our fearless Leader Jesus Christ left for us in the pages of the Scripture.  We need an awakening, a revival, of true love and compassion!  The kind of love that drives us to pray for those who carry out evil acts and the kind of compassion that wins over the most hardened of hearts.  Some scoff and say it can be done.  The spirit of cynicism and criticism creeps in and tells us that it will never happen in our day and age.  But I still believe in the Word of a loving Savior.  I still believe there is power in that Word!  Let us bind together and know this: there are still a few things that DO MAKE SENSE.                                                                                  -Pastor Scott