Ventura Kids Art Camp 2019

Popcorn, salt art, slime, a visit from a T-Rex and so much more! Ventura Kids Art Camp was such a blast this year. We learned how God makes us ALIVE and how we stay ALIVE by staying connected to Him in prayer and reading Scripture.

Seeing children from different backgrounds, different neighborhoods and schools come together to create art and build community was a big win for us as a church. We love our children and want to do our best to provide a safe, fun, creative, and supportive environment for them to experience Jesus.

Yes, we’re already making plans for Ventura Kids Art Camp in 2020 and it’s going to be AWESOME! If you’d like be added to the text update list for kids events, camps, and programs in Ventura County you can send a text to 805-215-3558 with your name and the words “add to coast kid's list”.


The Coast House has been FULL in so many ways lately. Full of people, full of the Holy Spirit, and full of a hunger for more of God! We’re seeing some lives changed, transformed into something truly beautiful.

There are a lot of great things coming up (Resurrection Sunday, Coast en Español, Youth Rally in May, Full Bible study course on Midweek) but we don’t want to rush past what God is DOING right here and now. We’d love for you to be a part of it, actually, we’ve been praying for you to be a part of it. What’s stopping you?




Have you ever wondered WHERE God may call you? What the future may hold? Well, we may not all be called to serve God in other countries but one thing is for sure: we CAN support those who serve in foreign lands.

Yesterday was MISSIONS SUNDAY at Coast Church Ventura and it was an absolute honor to have the Sponsler Family who is currently serving in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The lead an effort to train, lead, and serve the ministers and families of a growing organization of Pentecostal ministers in Argentina.

The miraculous things they’re seeing in Argentina brought tears to our eyes, joy to our heart, and made us feel elated to be partnering with the Sponslers to help reach the beautiful people of Argentina. Stories of miracles of healing, divine protection (a pastor who was held at gunpoint and simply prayed for God’s protection and then heard the gun fire yet the bullet simply bounce off of his skin, a young lady who’s hand was severely maimed while working in a commercial kitchen but was restored 100% to working use, a young toddler whose lungs were filled with fluid and went into a coma but was healed miraculously within 24 hours), and the Gospel being spread into many places in Argentina. It was truly an awesome day!

A photo of the skin where a bullet bounced off of a young pastor after being robbed and then shot at point blank range. The bullet is held in his hand. He cried out to God to protect him and the assailants ran away!

A photo of the skin where a bullet bounced off of a young pastor after being robbed and then shot at point blank range. The bullet is held in his hand. He cried out to God to protect him and the assailants ran away!

Truly we are seeing awakening and world wide revival. You may not be able to “give by going” but you can certainly “go by giving.” We’re thankful that Coast Church has been positioned into a place of generosity to support brave families like the Sponslers who are leading revival around the world.

Happy Independence Day Ventura County!

From the Coast Church Family to yours, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Independence Day here in America.  We're thankful for freedom to worship, to be involved in our communities and to live for Jesus Christ!  

Mother's Day at Coast

One of the best things you can do for Mom (wether she's with you or not) is to be at church. Living a life of purpose and fulfillment will make any mother beam with joy! We are going to celebrate our MOMs this Sunday with a special gathering at our new location and new time. We look forward to seeing you there! #‎mothersday #‎mothersdayventura #‎coastchurch #‎ccventura #‎belongbelievebecome #‎weloveventura #‎jesuslovesventura #‎mom #‎moms #‎momlife #‎christianmoms #‎faithhopelove #‎ventura #‎vta #805 #‎805community


Two HUGE announcements happened yesterday at Coast (we hope you didn't miss it).  Starting May 8th, we will no longer be holding our Sunday Gathering at 4:00pm and we will no longer be meeting at 4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA.  We will be meeting at a new location and a new time.  Coast Church is getting ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we have been praying about and we're ready to see Jesus touch broken lives and put them back together.  If you're looking for purpose, a place to BELONG, BELIEVE, and BECOME...join us at our new location and let the future of your story begin.  Onward, upward.