Mother's Day at Coast

One of the best things you can do for Mom (wether she's with you or not) is to be at church. Living a life of purpose and fulfillment will make any mother beam with joy! We are going to celebrate our MOMs this Sunday with a special gathering at our new location and new time. We look forward to seeing you there! #‎mothersday #‎mothersdayventura #‎coastchurch #‎ccventura #‎belongbelievebecome #‎weloveventura #‎jesuslovesventura #‎mom #‎moms #‎momlife #‎christianmoms #‎faithhopelove #‎ventura #‎vta #805 #‎805community


Two HUGE announcements happened yesterday at Coast (we hope you didn't miss it).  Starting May 8th, we will no longer be holding our Sunday Gathering at 4:00pm and we will no longer be meeting at 4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA.  We will be meeting at a new location and a new time.  Coast Church is getting ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we have been praying about and we're ready to see Jesus touch broken lives and put them back together.  If you're looking for purpose, a place to BELONG, BELIEVE, and BECOME...join us at our new location and let the future of your story begin.  Onward, upward.  

The ASCEND Series || Guest Speaker: Jerry Menchaca


There are TWO reasons that you should be at Coast Church this Sunday: ONE: Pastor Jerry Menchaca (Santa Barbara, CA) will be joining us at our 4:00pm gathering and bringing a message of hope from the Scripture.  He will also be sharing some of personal story of a life filled with a broken home, drugs, gangs, prison, and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ impacted him and put him on the ASCENT!  TWO: this may be our last Sunday at our current facility on Telegraph Rd.  We are still working out all of the details and hope to bring some big news soon.  Hope to see you there: 4:00pm Sunday at 4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura. for more info.  #belongbelievebecome #coastchurch #ccventura #vta #ventura #weloveventura #jesuslovesventura #faithhopelove #timetoascend #venturachurch 

Where Do You Find Hope?

We're inviting everyone to experience RADICAL HOPE this Easter Sunday.  Come and hear one of the most relevant, timely messages about Jesus Christ and the Resurrection that you've ever heard.  Have you been looking for hope, searching yet never finding?  Hope is calling.  

Sunday 3/27/16  at Coast Church Ventura, CA

4300 Telegraph Road Ventura, CA (on the College United Methodist campus)

Calabasas Coast Community Group

calabasas church bible study pentecostal spirit filled

Yes, our church is located in Ventura but every Tuesday we gather in Calabasas for a time spent discussing the Bible, answering questions, sharing stories, having community with one another, and enjoying the journey of getting closer to Jesus.  We would love for you to join us.  This week we will be meeting at the Corner Bakery Cafe at the Commons at Calabasas.  We start around 7:30pm and it usually lasts 45 minutes or so.  We would love to see more people who are interested in learning about Jesus, His teachings, the power of the Holy Spirit that was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, and how the Gospel can radically change a life.  If you have any questions, please call or text: 805-215-3558 or email us from the "CONTACT" link above.  Blessings. 

Beach Baptism in Ventura, CA - Coast Church Ventura

We got to gather on the beach for our Sunday gathering a while back and our lovely friend Nena was baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of her sins!  It was truly a joyous occasion and we're looking forward to doing more of this.  Nena is part of our Calabasas Community Group Bible study that meets each week at the Commons in Calabasas on Tuesdays at 7:30pm.  If you're looking for a church community or a Bible study in the Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Agoura, Westlake Village, or Malibu areas we would love for you to join us.  We focus on the relevant, practical Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Feel free to email us, fill out the contact form or call/text 805-215-3558 for more information.  Blessings! 

Let's Make a Difference


Last night a 24 year old young man was stabbed to death in North Oxnard, in a neighborhood that Coast Church Ventura has established a Community Group Bible study geared towards young people.  Our hearts are absolutely burdened by the loss and we mourn the loss.  Yet there is a holy angst that is rising within us to DO MORE, to make a DIFFERENCE in this community.  

It may sound crazy, that a new church in Ventura (which is just getting started) would be reaching out to a community in Oxnard, but we believe that usually the crazy ideas are the ones which God is right in the middle of (think: David and Goliath).  

We know there are mega-churches around but NOBODY has reached the kids we are reaching in this neighborhood and we see a great need to shine the light of the Gospel to them.  Our prayer is that God would continue to use us to reach this dark world and shine brighter than ever before.  The bad news is that this junk is happening...THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT YOU CAN HELP!  LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN VENTURA AND OXNARD!

How can you help? 

-Join the Coast Church team!

-Host a Coast Community group or volunteer to help with one that is going. 

-Donate to our fundraiser to purchase a van to pick-up kids in this area for youth events, church gatherings, camps, etc.   

-Donate snacks, drinks, school items, etc. to be used in our Coast Community group in N. Oxnard.

805 Community Nights - Christmas Night 12/11

You're trying to stay caught up on cleaning the house, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, etc. but it is so hard with the kids around?  We're offering a FREE Kid's Craft and Movie Night where you can drop them off for a few hours with qualified staff to enjoy a Christmas Movie, a craft, photobooth fun, and more.  We're also welcoming families that would like to get in on the fun together, so bring everyone.  This Friday night!  

When: 12/11 starting at 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Where: 4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura (look for the signs)

Who:  Anyone in the Ventura/Oxnard area. 

Info: 805-215-3558

SAN BERNARDINO - Making Sense When Tragedy Strikes

The senseless.  How do you make sense of it?  I believe that this very question is the answer that explains much of the talk you're hearing on social media, at the coffee shop, and the water cooler today.  We live as human beings who seek to compartmentalize everything and find answers to the most senseless and vile acts of humanity.  When we come up with an answer or try to "make sense" within the first few hours of a tragedy, we typically miss the mark. 

I watched within minutes (not hours) as desperate souls beat the air for answers, for "sense", today.  They blamed white militia, Islam, workplace violence, drug cartels, guns, and even the mentally disabled for the tragedy.  As soon as political candidates began to make statements it all hit the fan.  The NY Daily News let us know emphatically that, "GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS" and apparently rebuked several politicians for praying for the families of the victims (I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure this is a first).  ISIS isn't claiming responsibility but they're taking to the interwebs to glorify the fact that Americans have been killed.  Then, in the fray, the average and sensible American searches to make "sense" out of this tragedy.  Like a child in the middle of a domestic dispute, amidst the yelling/screaming/fighting we sit down and weep over the tragedy but even more so we weep over the lack of "sense" that is to be found in it all.  

The "sense" cannot be found.  I would imagine that we'll find a motive, we'll find some of the issues that led up to this act of evil but will that "make it all make sense?"  I doubt it.  What does make sense is that our world is in terrible shape and people are hurting.  What does make sense is that we have a heart problem in our nation.  What does make sense is that there are many who have never seen good or known it, so they turn to evil.

What does make sense is to "overcome evil with good."  What does make sense is to "love your neighbor."  What does make sense is to "be a peacemaker."  What does make sense is...wait...yes, what makes sense is that we may not have all the answers or be able to make sense of senseless acts, but the messages of truth that Jesus Christ spoke over 2000 years ago are still ringing true today!  

I re-read Jesus' Sermon on the Mount this evening as I processed and unpacked my emotions from a very tense, emotional day.  What unfolds in Matthew 5-7 is absolutely the most relevant answer for the world today.  IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE!  

What would it look like if this "Christian Nation" started acting like "Christians."  What would it look like if we started following this Sermon on the Mount that our fearless Leader Jesus Christ left for us in the pages of the Scripture.  We need an awakening, a revival, of true love and compassion!  The kind of love that drives us to pray for those who carry out evil acts and the kind of compassion that wins over the most hardened of hearts.  Some scoff and say it can be done.  The spirit of cynicism and criticism creeps in and tells us that it will never happen in our day and age.  But I still believe in the Word of a loving Savior.  I still believe there is power in that Word!  Let us bind together and know this: there are still a few things that DO MAKE SENSE.                                                                                  -Pastor Scott

NO DREAMS - The Coast Church Van Project

The blank looks and the silence in the room was my first indication that we were in the right place.  The question was asked, "what are your dreams in life" and the silence was deafening.  One of the older boys stepped up and said, "to get a job and pay the bills."  I'll never forget the first night of our Youth Bible Study in North Oxnard at that apartment complex.  I can never put that visceral silence of "youth without dreams" away from my thoughts as we endeavor to reach out to a community that needs the light of the Gospel.  

It started with a group of 13 young people hanging out at our BBQ and now we're seeing a group form that is hungry for something real in their lives.  We're in need of a church van to transport the group to our Sunday gatherings, to community outings, to events, and also to provide others with a ride who do not have transportation.  In the near future we will begin a program called "LIFE - Life in Focus Education" that teaches life skills, gang intervention, drug/alcohol rehab, parenting, anger management, etc.  We want to be able to offer transportation to these classes as well.  

When I read the headlines on KVTA's Facebook page this morning about a homicide in a public park in Oxnard (less than one mile from the apartment complex we have our group at) my heart hurt but I also felt a glimmer of hope for the future.  Knowing that we're shining light into the darkness is the solace we have when facing the daunting task of reaching an area where this kind of tragedy is the norm.  

A safe, reliable, used 15 passenger van will cost between $20-30,000 if we were to purchase from a dealer.  We have a contact who is a wholesale broker and can get us a $20-30k van at roughly $15k and is agreeing to do so at no charge to our church.  

Christmas is a tough time on the pocketbooks of most people but it is also a time when miracles happen and when great causes see great support.  We realize that this idea represents more than a van, it represents hope for a community, it represents future represents DREAMS in hearts of children who have NO DREAMS.  Would you partner with us today?  We appreciate your prayers and support!        -Pastor Scott

P.S.  We have room for several business/corporate sponsors to have their company logo on the back of our van.  Do good and advertise all around Ventura, Oxnard, etc.!

All Alone for Thanksgiving?

Alone in Ventura, CA

Living away from home is tough. Wether you're in the military, at school, exploring, or have found yourself homeless in need of help...we want to encourage you not to try and do life alone. Coast Church's community wants to extend an open invitation to ANYONE who does not have a place to spend Thanksgiving and invite you to spend it with us. We may not be gourmet chefs, we may not decorate like Kinfolk Magazine but we promise to make up for it with laughs, smiles, good times, and authentic community. All you have to do is call or text 805-215-3558 or DM us through any social media channel. No questions asked, no judgement, just love...we promise. Don't do life alone. #ccventura #coastchurch #thanksgiving #turkey #family #805community #805 #belongbelievebecome #venturachurch #ventura #vta #venturachurches #weloveventura #jesuslovesventura #acts238

NEW SERIES STARTING 11/29: Step Up and Step Out

CoastChurch Ventura, CA

In a box? You probably got into that box thinking it was something else right? Isn't it ironic how the world works? Materialism starts out as a way to enjoy your hard earned money, then it becomes a box as it grows old. Casual drug use or binge drinking? It starts out with "just" one night or "I need to clear my head" and then it boxes you in. Depression, anxiety, bitterness, competitiveness, low self-esteem were not the goal in the beginning but they become the box in the end. Things in this world will try to box you in, Jesus came to make you free! We're starting a new series of messages this Sunday at Coast Church called, "Step Up and Step Out." Don't wait until January to make a change, to challenge yourself, get a jumpstart with a message of encouragement this Sunday at 4:00pm at 4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura. #‎stepupandstepout #‎faith #‎coastchurch #‎ccventura #‎belongbelievebecome #‎venturachurch #‎ventura #‎vta #‎venturachurches #‎weloveventura #‎jesuslovesventura #‎acts238

North Oxnard Community Group - Meet & Greet

We're excited to be adding another Coast Community Group in North Oxnard that will begin meeting weekly November 11th.  To kick things off we'll be having a "Meet & Greet" with a FREE Thanksgiving craft for the kids, FREE hotdogs/chips/drinks and dessert.  It will be an informal, open house format and we welcome you all to get to know us.  RSVP 805-215-3558 (text/call)

-November 11th (Wednesday) 6:00-8:30pm
-Cedar Glen Apartments (main clubhouse)
-701 Aster St. Oxnard
-(hablamos español)

What is a "Coast Community Group?" -These are small groups (up to 18 people) that meet in homes, cafes, parks, and other public places weekly.  We gather together as a group and get to know each other, read from the Scriptures, hear an encouraging/life-giving word, and typically share some snacks.

What other locations do you have?  -Currently we have a group meeting in Ventura on Wednesdays, a student (ages 12-18) group meeting Fridays, a group in Calabasas on Tuesdays, and are always looking to add more groups in locations throughout Ventura County.  

What topics do you cover? -We cover everything from practical, daily living inspiration from the Bible to deeper topics like forgiveness/battling addiction/etc. to basic teaching about salvation/prayer/devotion.  Every group is filled with people who are caring, loving, and free of judgmental attitudes.  

What if we have kids? -Most groups have something for the kids to do and as the groups grow we will begin some short Bible lessons for the kids.  

Any more questions?  Would you like to RSVP?  Feel free to call or text us at 805.215.3558 or email at

805 Community Nights - Ventura Outdoor Movie Night -10/23

Back by popular demand!  We have a huge 12' screen, fresh popcorn, and a family friendly movie all under the stars in beautiful Ventura.  Invite your friends, neighbors, kids at school, etc. and join us in the outdoors for a good time of community.  FREE ADMISSION for ALL! 


When: Friday, October 23rd at 6:00pm  Where: 4300 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA on the lawn across the street from Ventura College.  Who: Open to all.  What to Bring: a blanket, a chair, a friend.

7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Go to Church (even if you don't)

At Coast Church we're HUGE believers in kids and we want to see kids from all over Ventura County thrive, succeed, and do incredible things to impact the world around us as they grow.  Even if you're not a "person of faith" we want you to know that there is a place your children can find community at in a safe, loving, and caring environment.  Here are a few of the reasons our team came up with of "Why Your Kids Should Go to Church (even if you don't).  Enjoy. 

 1. They have BIG GOD questions and we don’t have all of the answers. 

Where did God come from?  Who is God’s daddy and mommy?  Was God a baby?  Is God real or is he like Santa Claus?  Can God bring me presents?  Can I talk to God?  The questions only get bigger, tougher, and gnarlier from here on out!  Kids are full of questions.  Where do you find answers to these “God questions” that they are sure to ask?  Google, pull them out of the air, go ask grandma, etc. are all some of the ways I’ve heard of parents address these questions.  At Coast Kids we strive to answer the tough “God Questions” in ways that are understandable, appropriate, and relevant for children.  We want their eyes, their mind, their hearts, and their futures to be open just as you do!  


2.  Church is a place to experience community in a diverse, totally selfless way.

At Coast Church we want to be a community that reflects our local community.  We are not an old church, a young church, a white church, a black church, an asian church, a hispanic church…we are a community of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, faith experiences, and histories.  What a better place to allow your children to experience diversity than in a place that truly cares for them.  A church community is a place where we leave behind our “identity” to embrace the “identity of Christ” to serve others in a selfless way.  When children catch on to this concept at a young age everyone around them will be doing double-takes saying, “who is this kid and where did they learn to be so kind?”  Church.  


3.  The principles taught in Sunday School will benefit your children. 

Where did our criminal, civil, and justice code originate?  Mosaic (from Moses) Law has been the single biggest influencer on the way we do life as humans and societies.  We teach precepts and concepts that deal with how we treat our fellow man, how we take care of the resources God has given us, why giving is better than receiving, working hard and thinking of others before ourselves.  Whether you’re an atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, etc. I think we can all agree that every child in the world could use a bit more emphasis in these areas.  Math is great, learning to read and spell is fantastic but where are our children learning the source of these principles?  Church.  


4.  We reinforce creativity, art, and music. 

Art and music programs are typically the first place that our public education systems make budget cuts.  Nearly every week we draw, color, paint, cut (with safe scissors), art projects that coincide with our lesson.  We encourage creativity, art exploration and sharing our work with one another (and of course with our families when we get home).  Music is a big part of our church community and it carries over into Coast Kids.  We sing, introduce them to fun instruments, and encourage them to be a part of music even if they’ve never tried.  It is no wonder why so many famous musicians trace their musical roots to church…we value the arts and music as an extension of who God created us to be.  Where does the next Picasso learn to paint?  Church.  


5.  Hope. 

Where do children go to find hope?  School?  Schools reinforce many great things, but they don’t reinforce hope.  They don’t give hope, they’re not a source of hope.  For a lot of children, school can be a place of frustration when dealing with bullies, homework, pressure for grades, etc.  How about family?  Family should be a place of hope, but unfortunately it doesn’t always pan out that way.  At Coast Church we want every child to learn that not only can they find hope but they can grow to be a source of hope in their world.  Spiritual, intangible concepts are hard to understand when we grow up, but children have an incredible way of grasping concepts like “hope” and living them out.  Where can they find out what hope is and how to be a source of hope for others?  Church.


6.  The “Anchor Concept”.  

Kids need anchors, places where they know they will be and things they know they will be doing.  Consistency is hard to maintain in our busy day and age.  When you incorporate something like church/Sunday school in your child’s life, it gives them an “anchor” in their life of consistent teaching, art, friends, community, and giving.  We love soccer teams, Little League, swim clubs, art classes, etc. but we believe that Coast Kids gives every child “meaning” to their life and their future more than a team championship.  Once your child gets plugged in, makes new friends, they’ll be bugging you for this “anchor” in their life: church. 


7.  Our church communities NEED the children.  

Children, with their wonder and amazement, their creativity and craziness, their charm and their mischief, are an inspiration to every single person who follows Christ.  We have come to the realization that we need kids around to show us how we are supposed to respond to Jesus’ great love…with awe and wonder!  When children are present, smiles abound.  When children are present, the weight of responsibility for our future seems more significant.  In other words, we NEED children in our church community.  We are totally okay with the messes they make, the glue-stick clean up, the mischief, and the spilled Capri-suns because it means that children are present and where children are present, HOPE is present.  We never want one gathering to go by where we don’t see smiles from one certain group of little humans…can you guess where we want to see you and your children this Sunday?  You got it, CHURCH!  


At Coast Church we are a grass-roots community of faith, growing weekly, reaching out to our city and county, serving others and lifting up Jesus Christ.  We’ve seen some incredible stories unfold in the short time we’ve been meeting together and we can’t wait to see what happens next.  We have several Coast Kids volunteers who have backgrounds in child education, art, music, parenting and huge hearts to see children thrive!  We meet each week at 4300 Telegraph Road in Ventura in the round building on Telegraph (look for the orange and blue signs).  Our children meet in a safe place connected to the building where we hold our main gathering, accessible by parents and of course filled with fun and smiles.  If you need a ride to church, if you’d like to schedule us to pick up your children for Coast Kids or if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call/text 805-215-3558 or email  Much love to you all and we hope to see you soon…at CHURCH!  

How Can I Help?

Someone once said, "you never know when the smallest act will leave the greatest mark."  It is one small stone tossed in a pond that sends ripples throughout the whole body of water and one snowflake that creates an avalanche.  Do you have a skill, talent, passion, or simply some spare time once or twice a week that you'd like to volunteer?  Of course we would love all of you to keep us in your prayers as we endeavor to reach lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ventura, CA but it is truly a beautiful thing when people become the "hands and feet" of Jesus and get involved.  We are looking for people in the following areas to partner with the Coast Church Team in Ventura (and from afar): 

-Sunday Gathering Setup/Tear down (duties include setup of worship gathering, moving chairs/tables, stage and sound setup).  Every Sunday from 2:45-5:15pm and for special events.

-Coast Kids Team (duties involve serving in our Coast Kids gatherings, singing, games, lots of energy and lots of fun required).  Every Sunday from 4-5:15pm.

-Coast Church Creative Team (duties include social media, graphic design, updating website/blog, photo/video).  Sundays and also throughout the week. 

-Podcast/Video Team (duties include editing audio and video for podcast and YouTube channel).  Anyone serving in this realm does not have to be located in Ventura County or even Southern California.  

If you would like to join our team of volunteers and serve our surrounding community, we would love to talk to you more.  If you're currently attending a local church, please be sure to connect with your pastor first.  Take care and God bless you!  

Coast Community Groups - New Group in Calabasas/Woodland Hills

Where did we get the Bible?  What is it trying to tell us?  How do we apply it in modern culture?  Is it even relevant anymore?  Who is God?  What about Jesus?  Why is there so much hurt and pain in the world?  Our in-depth Bible studies take place in a comfortable setting and we encourage you to grow in your faith at your own pace.  Starting this Thursday 10/1 at 7:30pm we begin our first group study in Calabasas, CA and will continue weekly at that time.  If you live nearby, or know someone who does, please feel free to contact us at 805-215-3558 (text or call) for location details.  We look forward to seeing broken lives put together, families strengthened, people living with purpose, and everyone encouraged by the Scriptures we read.  Please contact us with any questions.  

What: Coast Community Group (small-group Bible study)

Where: Calabasas, CA (inquire for specific location)

When: Every Thursday 7:30pm starting October 1st

Why: Because Jesus is pretty much amazing!